This tutorial shows you how to trim your PLKB foilkite and make it fly as good as on the first day. Another benefit you get is the Nova becoming significant more stable in gusts or lows.

So, here we go!

The neutral trim is given, when you tension your speed system and all the knots, where the bridle lines are connected to the speed system and it is all on the same level. This is the state the PLKB foilkites are delivered.
By flying the kite, the lines will shrink so the kite slowly gets a new trim. It is essentially to check your speed system once in a while and keep doing this.


Trimming is not only using the right setting to make the kite more stable and give It a better high-end. You can also adjust the kites flying characteristics to your own wishes. To do this, you can extend or shorten the B and C level but always the B less than the C. What this will cause you can see in the new pictures.

By extending the B and C levels, the kite will become more powerful and get more lift, better turning and less backstall. But you will reduce its stability and upwind ability.


By shortening the B and C levels, the kite will become more stable and gets more upwind ability. But you achieve this only by increasing the backstall tendency and reducing a bit of its power. For the Nova this is the recommended setup when you want maximum stability and performance from this kite.

But what if the B and C got not the same deviance of the neutral trim? Than you have a wing profile which is completely deformed and you should immediately trim your kite right!

How to set up your speed system for trimm-checking".