PLKB Cross Over Bar with Push-Away Safety

Cross Over Control Bar is designed specifically for use with 4-line bridled foil kites and offers advanced features to enhance your kiteboarding experience. With improved control over power and steering, you can confidently navigate various wind conditions and perform dynamic maneuvers with ease.

One of the features of this control bar is the alterable angle of attack during flight. This allows you to regulate the power of your kite by adjusting its angle, giving you greater control and the ability to optimize performance according to your preferences and the prevailing conditions.

Equipped with Ronstan Shock blocks on the brake lines and a Ronstan Orbit 20 Pulley on the front line connection, this control bar ensures smooth and efficient operation. These high-quality components enhance line movement and reduce friction, resulting in improved responsiveness and a more enjoyable riding experience.

Safety is paramount, which is why this control bar is equipped with two primary safety systems. The safety release above the bar allows for quick and easy depower in emergency situations, while the chickenloop with push-away safety provides an additional level of security and quick release capabilities.

For added convenience, the control bar features a self-landing handle. This handle allows you to safely land and secure your kite without assistance, giving you greater independence and ease of use.